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Another Day Clean is a network of recovery homes for men and women located in Montgomery and Chester counties, dedicated to helping individuals embrace a new way of life. We are fully licensed as a recovery home program by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP), so we are held to a higher standard than non-licensed homes. Our licensed and certified staff offers levels of support and assistance that are simply unmatched in the recovery house industry, including full case management and recovery support services.

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Our Story

Another Day Clean is a network of recovery homes located in Montgomery and Chester counties. The program was founded in the summer of 2016 by Rachel and John Machen after the death of their daughter Stephanie from an overdose earlier that same year, and our first home was named “Steph’s Place” in her honor. Our primary purpose is to help other families to avoid this type of tragedy and heartache.

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We offer both abstinence-based and MAT housing in a safe and structured environment that is ideal for those in early recovery and beyond. Several of our homes are designated for residents utilizing the medication assisted treatment modalities of Suboxone, Sublocade or methadone. Vivitrol is allowed in all our homes.

Our Locations

We currently have both male and female homes in Pottstown, Phoenixville, and Stowe, Pennsylvania.

Each Another Day Clean residence is named after an individual who has passed away as a direct result of a substance use disorder.

  1. Residents are expected to remain drug free and agree to submit to regular urine screening and/or breathalyzer testing upon demand.
  2. Each resident is responsible for ensuring that rent is paid each Friday.
  3. Curfews are as follows:  Sunday-Thursday 11pm and Friday-Saturday 1am.  Any exceptions must be cleared in advance with the house manager.
  4. All residents are expected to adhere to a higher level of structure during their Orientation Period, which will last about 7 days.  During this time, new residents may only leave the house with a senior resident, except to attend outpatient or work.
  5. Residents are expected to be awake, with beds made and chores completed by 9am on weekdays and 10am on weekends/holidays.
  6. Residents are expected to attend a minimum of five 12 step meetings per week and to obtain a sponsor and a home group within 30 days.
  7. Residents are expected to attend the weekly mandatory house meeting, and must always sign out when leaving the house.
  8. After 30 days of residency, one overnight pass per month may be used, if rent payments are current. Residents become eligible for additional overnight passes after 90 and 180 days of residency. Pass requests must be submitted to the house manager 72 hours in advance of the date requested.
  9. There is NO smoking and/or vaping inside the houses at any time and outside porch areas must be kept clean and should be swept daily.
  10. Another Day Clean owners and management are not responsible for the personal valuables and medications of the residents.  Please keep these items secured at all times. Upon leaving, each resident has 7 days to retrieve their belongings.
  11. The following are grounds for immediate dismissal:  drug use, violence or threats of violence, any sexual activity within the house, and theft.  Honesty and integrity are core values of our program, and these values are expected to be upheld at all times.

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